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I'm a graphic designer and web developer from Stamford, Connecticut who helps people craft their brand identity. I guide them through the branding process of discovering their values and defining their goals so that we can then design systems, resources, and experiences that communicate them.

What Clients Are Saying

"Jake takes on any problem no matter how big or small, with equal measure curiosity and confidence. It's not often that you meet a web-design professional who gives equal importance to design and structural integrity in the way Jake does. Working with him always felt effortless and collaborative, right from the start. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

"Working with Jake felt natural from the start. Jake's intuition and design sensibilities hit what I needed for the logo design on nose. It gave me clarity on my brand identity and it helped elevate my business."

Alice Moszczynski – Owner, Creative Director, Am Design Collective

"The creativity Jake brought to this project was unparalleled, I couldn’t have asked for a better collaborator to bring Maadwest's visuals to life. Jake studied what my brand was all about and executed with creative precision to make the idea in my head a reality."

What's Different About Me?


One-on-One Communication

As the business owner and sole employee, you’ll always be talking to the Creative Director, Branding Consultant, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Project Manager, and Janitor. You’ll never be handed off to an account manager or junior designer where important details get lost in a game of telephone. Your feedback will have a direct, one-on-one impact on the person actually making the work — me.


More Bang for Your Buck

Without the overhead of office space and staff I can offer more value for your investment than an agency or larger firm. With my past experiences as an Art Director and Web Developer for BIG companies, I know what it takes to bring a project from start to finish. By keeping my company lean and flexible it allows me to focus my attention on the work to be done, while maximizing value for my clients.


Purpose Goals Design

I'm committed to improving your business, rather than simply making something cool. That means understanding who you are, what you’re about, and how your branding all works together, so that the work I'm doing isn't just beautiful, but strategically designed to achieve your goals.


The Best of Both Worlds

A big problem in the creative industry right now is the miscommunication between designers and developers. As someone who can design and code, I’ll be able to red-flag problems and highlight opportunities early on, which could hold up a separated team. With the perspective of both fields we can save time and resources to focus on the work that counts.

Let's Work Together

To get your project rolling, send me a request through my project inquiry form.