Lego Classics

For this assignment I was tasked with repackaging a toy with the intent of making the packaging more eco-friendly. After evaluating the product, I created packaging which cut down on plastics used for content containment, smaller area of support material, and ink reduction to both save money and limit waste.
Imagination is the foundation of what makes legos great; the neutral palette and white background of the redesigned packaging emphasizes the potential of the product rather than prescribing a predefined experience. Additionally, by reducing the ink used in production, we create a product that is both more environmentally friendly and cheaper to produce.
The tray was designed to emphasize organization — consumers can use the tray to organize their own lego pieces — and encourage the consumer to hold onto the packaging which in the long run will reduce waste.
As a whole, the package was made to feel compact but substantial — small enough so that when the product it contains is built, the product is larger than its container leaving the consumer to feel as if they purchased more than they originally intended.