Maadwest Branding


Maadwest is an amazing southern California pop-punk band led by frontman Matty McNamara. They’re a fast, electric trio whose philosophy is “fun at all costs”. Matty approached me about creating a new look for their band that played to the grungy punk scene, while also embracing their bright and vibrant pop influence.

Their EP “I Can’t Believe We’re All Idiots” was frenetic, exciting, and most of all fun. So I derived a look that in isolation could look grungy and aggressive, but when paired with over-saturated photography could feel bright and vibrant. Matty was thrilled to see how the mark encapsulated what Maadwest was all about, and we proceeded to make some posters and social media graphics to round out the branding.

To listen to Maadwest’s music or learn more about them you can visit their website


Graphic Design

Art Direction


"The creativity Jake brought to this project was unparalleled, I couldn’t have asked for a better collaborator to bring Maadwest's visuals to life. Jake studied what my brand was all about and executed with creative precision to make the idea in my head a reality."

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