Two Hands Jewelry Design


Two Hands Jewelry Design is very near and dear to my heart. When my dad, approached me about opening his own jewelry design shop, I couldn’t have been more excited. We wanted to create a branding that captured his unique style — traditional, yet playful. But we knew we needed professional packaging that could be comparable to bigger jewelry brands.

We started by landing on the name Two Hands because of the dual meaning. It references the effect jewelry has to connect people together, and also speaks to it’s handcrafted production. Dad is the only person making the jewelry, so each piece really is made using only “two hands”. (It seems like being a business-of-one runs in the family.)

I played around with different typefaces to start, but felt like it all came together once we created the “O’s”. By joining two rings together to form the “O” the whole wordmark started conveying “connection” how we wanted. The logo now seemed like a visual metaphor as well as a bit of a play on words.

We expanded the branding to business cards and social media banners. We also hired Caitlin Miller Photography to create the beautiful product photography. The project isn’t finished yet — I’m working on the Two Hands website now — but you can see (and purchase) some of Two Hands’ jewelry by following the links below:


Art Direction

Web Design

Packaging Design

Graphic Design

Two Hands Jewelry Design - Etsy Mockup

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