Meet the charming, gentlemanly café with a punchy brand that just makes you wish you had a mustache

Mustachio | Branding Materials | Jake Cooper Design

Project Brief

Mustachio is a concept brand created to stand apart from the café scene in Providence, RI. When I started working on the project, the majority of cafés in the area were very feminine in terms of branding, which made me wonder what a masculine, or faux-masculine, café would look like amongst the crowd.

I decided a mustache was an interesting place to start and developed the logo around that central idea.

Mustachio | Logo | Jake Cooper Design


The logo was designed to have a classic, geometric feel with ornate line work around the mark to convey elegance and sophistication. Beginning with the mustache, I designed the full logo to form a face shape, turning the entire mark into a character of sorts.

Mustachio | Color Palette | Jake Cooper Design


I chose colors that were bright and punchy, something in the food space of the color wheel, with pastries and chocolate sourced as references to draw from. Color plays a big role in the overall atmosphere of the piece so I designed several options that would make the brand feel both vibrant and classic.


The primary typeface is the art deco inspired Neutraface. I wanted to use typography that was stylish, classic, and sophisticated and Neutraface easily checks off those boxes. Using all-caps further showcases the geometric style specific to the design.

Mustachio | Packaging Angle | Jake Cooper Design


The packaging designs helped bring the brand home, creating an opportunity to display the logo as a brand stamp on each box, while offering a breadth of different color combinations that could be unique to each flavor.

Mustachio | Packaging Stacked | Jake Cooper Design
Mustachio | Packaging Backs | Jake Cooper Design