Two Hands Jewelry Design

This master-craftsman materializes the spark that families are born from. We designed a brand that would honor that responsibility.

Two Hands Jewelry Design | Logo Banner | Jake Cooper Design

Project Brief

After 30 years as a master jeweler, Mike opened Two Hands Jewelry Design to showcase his elegant portfolio and offer customers sentimental, life-changing jewelry to gift their loved ones. Starting completely from scratch, Mike needed a brand identity system that could communicate his jewelry ethos.

Two Hands Jewelry Design | Jewelry Closeup | Jake Cooper Design

Brand Discovery

Two Hands is less concerned with modern jewelry trends, focusing instead on work that stands the test of time. Since jewelry is often passed down through family generations, Mike designs with this responsibility in mind, implementing structural techniques that enable his work to withstand many decades of use.

After distilling this information down, we determined that the Two Hands brand should represent timeless integrity coupled while encapsulating the elegance of jewelry.

Two Hands Jewelry Design | Logo | Jake Cooper Design


The Two Hands name represents both the hand-crafting necessary to build each individual piece, but also how jewelry has the effect of uniting families together, through the exchange of rings. I overlaid a second “o” in “Two Hands” to serve as a visual reference to this idea. A strong serif typeface was chosen to set the logotype to embody the timeless, traditional techniques employed in Mike’s work.

Two Hands Jewelry Design | Color Palette | Jake Cooper Design

Color Palette

Deep purples were chosen for the association with themes of elegance and sophistication. Used sparingly or as a background color, this purple would offer great contrast when used with white or the accent color yellow-gold, designed to represent the gold often used in Mike’s jewelry.


The serif typeface Village was chosen for it’s traditional look and feel. The typeface has nuanced serifs that evoke a hand-crafted feel, making it a perfect fit for the Two Hands brand. Gotham completes the font pairing, chosen for it’s clean, geometric sans-serif design which helps accentuate the subtleties of the brand’s primary typeface.

Two Hands Jewelry Design | Business Cards | Jake Cooper Design

Business Cards

The “o” rings used in the logo made for a great pattern graphic, so we used the business cards as an opportunity to connect those elements to the larger brand. The cards were designed to be bold, but elegant with a strong contrast in color between the front and back.

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