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How We Work

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We interview our clients and research their business to get the best picture of the problems they are facing. Before we begin designing, we send our clients our ideas to solve these problems and goals to achieve by our solutions. We have our clients approve this proposal so that our efforts are being reflected in ways that best make sense for our clients’ business. Once approved, we rapidly iterate designs that both fit our clients’ brand and work to solve their problems. We thrive on feedback and ask for lots of it from our clients so that we work with both design and business perspectives together.

Our Principles

While the processes we implement to come up with our solutions vary from project to project, we have a core set of principles that guide our design decision making.

Set Goals

All design processes function best when the problem to be solved is clearly defined and specific goals are set. We work with our clients to not only write down the specifics of the work we’re doing, but also spend some time making sure we’re working on the right kinds of problems and measuring goals that make sense to your unique situation.

Always Research

We want to get to the heart of what causes your problems while also making sure there we’re not leaving anything out. We conduct user-experience and competitive analysis studies to identify problem causes and offer unique solutions based on your business goals.

Create Meaning

Your idea probably has more components than you realize. We strive to make sure that each component looks and feels consistent with each other, and meaningfully relates to the overall message of your project. Wholeheartedly we believe that these details are what bring ideas to life.

Design Responsively

Not only for web, we believe that the design of your project needs to adapt to the ways in which they interact with it. A website has no excuse to break on mobile phones the same way a dinner menu needs to have prices that are legible when viewed inside it’s restaurant.

Life is Short

Always try to love what you do. That doesn’t mean drop everything and become the rock star you thought you would be in high school. It means both find and create joy where possible, and whenever possible, try and change the world (no matter how big or small).

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