Mustachio was born out of a class assignment while at the Rhode Island School of Design. The brand was completely self-directed, with the assignment to create packaging that would implement corrugated cardboard. I landed on packaging for pirouette cookies after thinking it would be fun to brand a café.

At the time the project was assigned, the cafés in the providence area were mostly owned by women, which was fantastic, but it got me thinking about what it would look like to have a uniquely masculine or faux-masculine brand amongst the crowd. I decided a mustache was an interesting place to start and developed an ornate decorative logo that incorporated some facial hair.

With an idea for the logo in place, I worked to include some vibrant and playful color palettes to offset any machismo that may have been induced from the mark, resulting in the somewhat cheesy, somewhat sophisticated brand called Mustachio.


Graphic Design

Art Direction

Jake Cooper Design - Mustachio Branding Logo

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