About Jake Cooper Design

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I started JCD as a way to reconnect with passionate businesses and creatives, helping them through the hurdles of refining their brand, and creating lasting partnerships as they continue to grow. I'm most fulfilled when my work empowers my clients, giving clarity to their path of success.


A Studio-of-One

I’m Jake Cooper and I’m the Creative Director, Web Developer, Brand Strategist, Project Manager, Pixel Pusher, IT Guy, Coffeeboy and Janitor for Jake Cooper Design. I know that’s a lot of hats to wear, but I love being a business of one. I always felt better when I knew how something worked from end-to-end, so managing just one aspect of a project held me back from my full potential. So much of design is just thinking things through — making meaningful decisions to arrive at an answer. In college I was enamored by the fact that all I needed to do my work was a laptop, sketchbook, and a pack of pens. So long as I had my backpack, I could do my job as a designer anywhere. Obviously “the tools don’t make the man,“ but that sort of freedom informed how I feel about being a creative professional. It taught me that part of being a designer is about being observant of the world around me, taking the pulse of our everyday culture.


Why I Started JCD

I started Jake Cooper Design make real my belief that you don’t need a large team to be impactful — that the strength of good ideas, coupled with design skills to communicate them are the simple requirements to success. By combining the understanding of your audience, your purpose behind the work, and design that speaks to your values, you can change people’s lives.

My girlfriend Cait started her wedding photography business shortly before we started dating, and early on it was a struggle for her to bring in enough money to support herself. She asked me to help redesign her branding and website, and I knew that helping her out could really effect her business, not just get me on her good side. We researched her customers and their interests, until we had a clear understanding of how they chose their wedding photographer. We studied the competition in her local area, and discussed her goals, personal and professional, in regards to her business. In a few month’s time we relaunched her website with a clear purpose and a target market in mind, and the change was astounding. Over the course of the next year Cait’s income tripled! More importantly, Cait gained confidence in a brand she can be proud to call her own.

That project taught me that design can be a catalyst for success both financially and personally. I knew then that empowering businesses with clarity and design was my place to be.

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What Clients Are Saying

Jake takes on any problem no matter how big or small, with equal measure curiosity and confidence. It's not often that you meet a web-design professional who gives equal importance to design and structural integrity in the way Jake does. Working with him always felt effortless and collaborative, right from the start. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Working with Jake felt natural from the start. Jake's intuition and design sensibilities hit what I needed for the logo design on nose. It gave me clarity on my brand identity and it helped elevate my business.

Alice Moszczynski – Owner, Creative Director, Am Design Collective

The creativity Jake brought to this project was unparalleled, I couldn’t have asked for a better collaborator to bring Maadwest's visuals to life. Jake studied what my brand was all about and executed with creative precision to make the idea in my head a reality.

Values That Shape My Designs


Empowering Others

I believe that most people have great ideas, but don’t know how or don’t feel qualified to contribute them. I feel like the world would be a better place if we all had the confidence and ability to meaningfully share. By empowering others with designs that speak to their values and resonate with their audiences, we bring forth a new wave of innovation and change.



Being clear about our intentions, our reasonings, and our goals, enables us to work with purpose. By setting goals, being open to self-investigation, and investing time in research and discover, we streamline our way onto the shortest path toward success.



Being grateful is the acknowledgement of opportunity, attention, or time granted by others. I believe by treating these opportunities responsibly, and offering something in turn, we foster relationships that improve not just ourselves, but a community of peers.